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Our team understands the complexities of your insurance needs and is dedicated to getting you the right coverage for the best price. We know your time and money are valuable, so we have built the best technology and service teams to ensure
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Loved my experience working with AFI. Megan has been great to work with and was super helpful. Extremely genuine and helpful.

Brad Johnson

Fill out an online quote and was surprised to receive a call within minutes from Jacob. He shopped our insurance and was able to get us insured with our new truck in the same day. Thank you Jacob!

John O’Donnell

Megan is the most helpful insurance agent I have ever dealt with. She is honest and up front with everything. Definitely a person that cares for the customer.

Alex Williams

Service has been OUTSTANDING! I’ve been working with Cindy and she has been extremely responsive and has jumped through hoops to help me out. I would recommend AFI without hesitation!

Jeremy H.

Jacob Webb was amazing! By far the best insurance experience I’ve had. He was very thorough and precise. Definitely recommend him and AFI!

Wesley Adams


What is fleet insurance and why do I need it?

Fleet insurance allows you to protect all of your vehicles under a single policy. Not only is fleet insurance less expensive than holding individual policies for each vehicle, but fleet insurance also caters to the specific needs of businesses. Owning a fleet insurance policy will help mitigate any risks surrounding your fleet and business.

Are all fleet insurance policies the same?

Not at all. Each fleet insurance policy is tailored to the specific needs of your business. As experts in fleet insurance, AFI can help find the best policy to suit your requirements.

What vehicles can I insure under my fleet policy?

Any vehicle which is owned by and registered to the company, including any hired-on vehicles and loan/courtesy car vehicles. Vehicles leased under a lease agreement to the company or one of its directors can also be added.

How do I make a claim?

When a loss occurs, it’s important that you contact us immediately by email or phone. The quicker you notify us, the quicker we can get you on the road and back in business. All correspondence received from any third party needs to be forwarded to AFI immediately upon receipt in order to accelerate the claims process.

How can I make a change to my policy?

Give us a call, send us an email, or shoot us a text. Our team will get your endorsement processed as quickly as possible and any additional premium charged by your insurers will be passed on to you.

Another option would be to take advantage of our user-friendly Customer Vault. By logging into the Customer Vault from our website’s home page, you will have access to all policy documents and have the ability to request any additional services need – including making a change to your policy.

What factors affect the cost of my fleet policy?

Like other policies, the premiums for fleet insurance depend on many factors. The amount your company ends up paying is determined by the age, value, and intended use of each vehicle, as well as where you plan to store them when not in use. Other influencing factors include the number of employees who will be operating the vehicles, driver history, total coverage limits, and any additional coverages you purchase.

How can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

Realtime Certificates of Insurance can be accessed and issued in our user-friendly Customer Vault. Simply click “Certificates” on our website’s home page and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Can you help me set up my DOT & MC Number?

Our company does not set up DOT and MC numbers, however we can guide you in the right direction of someone who can and inform you of the insurance requirements that the FMCSA will ask of your business.

I currently have an ELD, does that lower my insurance costs?

Many of our carriers will give discounts for using and ELD. Over the course of your policy if your driving habits are deemed safe and your radius matches what’s on your policy it will help lower your premium when you renew. In conjunction with the ELD, if you have IFTAs these could also provide your business discounts as they provide a great example of when and where your business is traveling.